world WEBINAR for LASER in Medicine


Free Webinar for Low Level, and High Power Laser in Medicine

Sunday, 17th February 


Lecturer, Dr Yasaman Zandi MEHRAN, Faculty of the university, Assistant Professor, Laser and plasma Lecturer



Low-Level Laser Introduction

 Different laser wavelengths, and its indication for therapeutic, and cosmetic purposes

The penetration depth of laser in tissue, and different targets

Different type of laser in technology, continuous, pulse, and modulated

Dose, and clinical parameters of the laser in medicine

 Laser Resonance, and its role in diagnostic, and treatment 

WALT dose table, and references in LLLT

Photodynamic therapy

LLLT indications in 

Dermatology and cosmetics

Neurology and psychiatry

Internal medicine, and Cardiology

Urology, and Gynecology



language English
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